What’s Rhianna up to?

  • Performing her unreleased, new songs at The Village Underground’s event Dec 20th, 8:00, in the Lower East Side. Link to buy tickets are in her Instagram bio @rae.radick
  • Was interviewed by East Main Podcast, guest hosted by Alexandru Aldea on performing and life as an entertainer. Check it out! 
  • Indie feature Second Thoughts screens Dec 4th, 2:30, at Teaneck Cinemas. Lead role of a woman caught between two worlds.
  • The indie feature, Superstorm: A Love Story will screen Dec 4th, 12:30, at Teaneck Cinemas. Her second lead role with director Larry Rosen.
  • Follow Rhianna’s Facebook Music Page to see her latest musical updates!
  • A member of The American Bombshells and recently performed at Shea Stadium with the American Legion Concert band in Buffalo, NY.